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Rockin’ in XMAS time

Band :
Title : Rockin’ in XMAS time
Release Date : December 10, 2021
Label :
Format : Digital Download
  1. Rocking Xmas Time Mr. Kowalsky 3:19

I just want to share with you, my song at XMAS time, Christmas reggae night, It’s time to get united, I know you’re with me …

Mr. KOWALSKY presents:
Rockin’ in XMAS time

Rockin’ in XMAS Time is a song I composed for the holidays, I wanted to share my feelings of a nice reggae Christmas eve inspired in legendarian reggae records like Natty Christmas by Jacob Miller. This song will have a music video that will be presented a few days… I hope that you enjoy my new tune!  IRIE XMAS— MR.K

Guitars, bass, keyboards, organs, and vocals by Mr.Kowalsky
HIT MIX Studio
Paris, France

Drums by Joan Reggae Drummer
Two Flames Studio

Girona, Spain

Recorded in October & November 2021

Ingeniered by Gael Fauchie
Mixed by Steve Foote
Master by Paul Miner