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Mr. Kowalsky  is a Costa Rican musician based in Boston, MA. He formed his first band in 1995 and an enthusiastic reception from the audience inspired him to pursue his music interest seriously.  Mr. K has played more than 250 shows to date in Costa Rica, Panamá, England, France, Germany and the U.S. and has opened for well known Latin American bands such as Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Ataque 77 and The Toasters among others. Mr. K has played in many Boston venues including The Middle East Downstairs, The House Of Blues restaurant, Precinct, and Tommy Doyles for a “Clandestino” event, the biggest Latin Indie Rock party in New England. Mr. K has recorded three albums and created music videos for television.  His work has been recognized by ACAM, a prestigious Costa Rican music academy.  In 2008 he moved to Boston to improve his musical career.

Through Mr. K’s lyrics he invites the listener to make a transformation in their lives. He is convinced that the changes of the nation or human destiny depend on the personal evolution of individual minds.

His inspiration is to someday see a sustainable world where society lives in peace with other species and the environment. His biggest battle now is fighting consumerism, big corporations, the ” modern life,” animal extinction and government corruption.

Every Mr.Kowalsky show is different.  He sings in English and Spanish, and the concept of the show depends on the event, the venue, the country, etc.  The show always has some improvisation and Mr. K always interacts with audience inviting them to be part of the show. In addition to his original music, he normally covers bands like The Clash, Toots and Maytals, Los Pericos, The Flaming Lips, and Radiohead among others. Mr K. creates a unique experience for the audience with indie rock and latin rhythms.

The album: “Johnny’s Bazooka”
In 2006, Costa Rican rock artist Mr. Kowalsky released his first solo album, “Live Free or Die,” to favorable reviews, but his follow up has been a long time coming. “I never imagined when I released my first solo album it would take me 6 years to finish the next one,” says Mr. Kowalsky. “Traveling between continents, seeing spectacular places, and meeting really cool people inspired me while I was composing this album.”

After a long hiatus, Mr. Kowalsky is back on the scene with his most recent album, “Johnny’s Bazooka.” The album, produced by Steven Foote (Big D and the Kids Table / Fork in hand Records), was recorded between January to March 2012 in Boston, MA and is composed of 10 new songs that speak of all the experiences Mr. Kowalsky has had in between records. Lead single “Good Boys and Girls” has been played on the radio in the U.S. and Costa Rica with the video receiving attention on YouTube “But all good things come to those good girls and boys who wait”.

Mr. Kowalsky celebrated the release of “Johnny’s Bazooka” with a tour of the East coast of the United States, hitting venues in Boston, New Bedford, Brooklyn and New Hampshire. “It’s taken a long time to get “Johnny’s Bazooka” together, But all good things come to those who wait.” says Mr. Kowalsky.

“Johnny’s Bazooka” was produced by:
Steven Foote (Big D and the Kids Table / Fork in hand Records)

Cameroon Greenlee ( The Skatalites ):  Keyboard, Organ, & Accordion.
Thaddeus Merritt ( The Toasters ): Bass
John De Carlo ( West Bound Train ): Guitar
Rich Graiko  ( West Bound Train ): Trumphet
Marc Beaudette ( Destroy Babylon ): Drums
Zach Nazar ( The Macrotones ): Congas, Djembe, African Percussion.

Mr. Kowalsky has been on the road since 2011, touring mostly in Europe, where he has achieved critical acclaim in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, France, England and Romania. The live shows are never the same there’s a vibrant powerful mix of Punk, Rock, Indie, Ska & reggae with a latin flavor. Once Mr. Kowalsky takes the stage, he and his band go off like a rocket. Whether at a large festival in Europe or a small club in Boston, Mr. Kowalsky will have you dancing and singing all night long.


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