Alright MON, LISTEN! Summer is coming…
HOT & SWEATY, it’s sunny outside,
this is my favorite season of the year
Live it up, with your buddy Mr. Kowalsky

“Hot and Sweaty This is a song that I wrote thinking about the summer, it is the song that will put us in the mood to wait for the sunny and hot days where we all get to sweat. I have played this tune live in many concerts and I have seen the positive reaction of the people, that’s why I decided to record it in the studio. Released the first day of spring, it will have a DUB version as well and a music video that will be released a few weeks after the release of the song… I hope that you enjoy my new tune!IRIE“— MR.K

Mr. KOWALSKY presents:
Hot and Sweaty

Hot & Sweaty

Mr.Kowalsky – Lead vocals, Guitars & Ukuleles


Steve Foote: Bass
Alex Brander: Drums
Matt Appleton: Saxophone,Trumpet,Trombone
Matt Jenson: Keyboards & Organ

Produced by Mr.Kowalsky

Recorded between June 2023 to December 2023

Engineered by:

Matt Appleton at The Station Studio, Norwich, Vermont, US

Gael Fauchie at HIT MIX Studio, Paris, France

Mixed by:
Stephen S. Foote at Fork in Hand Studio, Boston MA

Master by:
Paul Miner at Buzzbomb Sound Labs, Orange CA

Music & Lyrics by Mr. Kowalsky

Hot and Sweaty is available now on all platforms.