It’s time do start to record the horns for the upcoming album and I have the honor to have a Jamaican Trombone legend VIN GORDON of  Studio One, Skatalites, Bobmarkey, The Wailers among others recording for Mr.Kowalsky.

More Surf Rock Reggae coming soon.
Here we are in paris doing some recording sessions for the new album.

Stay tuned!
Costa Rica & Jamaica United!



Vin began his career in 1964 with @TheSkatalies

He became the main trombonist of Studio One and he recorded for all major producers of Jamaican music in #ska #rocksteady and #reggae .

At Studio One Gordon met Lee Perry and played with many reggae artists during the rock steady years. He played on records by Bibi Seaton, The Heptones, Bob Andy and Keith Hudson. From 1965 to 1978 he was Bob Marley’s trombonist and performed on albums such as Kaya and Exodus. 👊🏾respect 👍🏾🎶 @alphaboysradio @alphaboysschool