Yea)(……… yea)(… finally after a year working on it… is time to welcome the new album “Surf Rock Reggae“.
Check out here all the info where to listen or get it plus all the album credits.

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Surf Rock Reggae Album Credits: 

Año: 2015
Track list:
1. Live Once
2. Hossegor
3. Patty
4. Sunset Awaits
5. Luchador
6. Chaos Mon Amour
7. Sleeping Between Empty Bottles
8. Qu’est-ce que c’est que Ska (feat King Django)
9. Sunset Awaits (Stovetop dub)
10. Sloth (Samily Man dub)
Album info:
Mr. Kowalsky – lead vocals & guitarFeaturing:

John DeCarlo – bass, guitar, banjo, melodica, rhodes, vocals & arranging
Cameron Greenlee – keys all tracks, additional arranging tracks 1 & 6
Korey “Kingston” Horn – drums
Alex Roderick – keys tracks 1,2,4,6 & 7
Evan Rodaniche – vocals tracks 1-4,6,7 & 9, additional percussion & keys track 1
King Django – lead vocal track 8
Obi Fernandez – vocals tracks 6 & 7
Scott Flynn – trombone tracks 3,5 & 8
Rich Graiko – trumpet tracks 5 & 8
David Szebeda – trumpet track 3
Josh Cohen – sax tracks 5 & 8
Vieux Touré – sabar drums tracks 3 & 6
Samba Cissé – djembe tracks 3 & 6

Produced by John DeCarlo & Mr.Kowalsky
Engineered by Dave Warsop at Hurley Studios, Costa Mesa CA
Additional engineering by Steve Foote, John DeCarlo & Evan Rodaniche
Tracks 1-4, 6 mixed by Dave Warsop at Hurley Studios, Costa Mesa CA
Tracks 5, 7-9 mixed by Steve Foote at Fork in Hand Studio, Boston MA
Track 10 dub mix by Sam Ravenna at Samily Man Studios, Truckee CA
Mastered by Paul Miner at Buzzbomb Sound Labs, Orange CA

All lyrics & music by Mr.Kowalsky /  Joan Cerdas/ACAM except
Sunset Awaits & Patty by Mr Kowalsky & John DeCarlo ( Joan Cerdas/ACAM & JDCO/ASCAP)
Luchador & Sloth by John DeCarlo (JDCO/ASCAP)
Qu’est-ce que c’est que Ska by Jeff Baker & John DeCarlo (Version City/JDCO/ASCAP)

Graphic design & concept by Johnny Kowalsky, Illustrations by Bryan Durán Hinez (Mosh), Portrait photo by Erick Fariñas, Caribbean & Wave photos by Manfred J Rodriguez